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Student Organizations



At the start of a new year, student groups new and old are helping students stand up, speak out, and be heard.

Robert Madden is working to found a group called Future Youth Positive Motivation (FYPM) that he hopes will help new students better communicate their ideas by learning to speak publicly.

“To help newer students get around and teach them how to speak in front of a lot of people,” said Madden.

During the upcoming year, Madden is planning a number of social events, concerts and speakers. High on his priority list is Phil Dixon who works with the Negro Leagues Baseball museum in the 18th and Vine district in downtown Kansas City.

The organization is open to all who are interested. For more information, contact Robert Madden at 747-5639.

Marquel Jacoway is organizing a non-partisan student lobbying group called Organization for the Advancement of Student Issues (OASIS). Jacoway wants to help keep students aware of political issues that affect them, both nationally and locally, and help them express their views.

“For example, Warrensburg is always trying to change the age [limit] downtown. They want to make it 19 or 21,” Jacoway said, “I want students to be aware of what’s going on.”

OASIS, Jacoway hopes, will empower students by serving as a bridge between students and all levels of government through speakers, activities and lobbying trips to Jefferson City. He also believes the group will help the Student Government Association better represent students.

“SGA does a good job with what it’s mean to do,” Jacoway said, “I think the SGA is meant to represent the needs of students, however, I don’t think they are always on the pulse of student needs; with this group I hope to be able to provide that pulse so we can get an understanding of what students need, then take it to SGA, to the state legislature or to the Warrensburg city council.”

Jacoway is finalizing arrangements for a faculty advisor and signing up members. He hopes to hold the groups first meeting in mid-October. For more information, contact Marquel Jacoway at SVH071880@yahoo.com.

Student interested in a job in communications may be interested in the Public Relations Students Association. According to club president John Gagnon, the organization offers students an opportunity to explore the job market and internship opportunities in different fields or public relations.

The group also helps students find a niche in the field.

“You get real world experience going out and working on campaigns in the community,” said member Clare Denbo, “We go to conferences with other public relations students and professionals. We get to network and figure out what part of public relations interests us - sports, health care, government.”

Gagnon, who moved from a broadcasting major to public relations because the public relations department had a higher job placement rate, hopes to work in the athletics industry.

Over the next month, PRSA will be hosting Matt Newbury of the Mid-American Athletics Association and representative of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration to speak about crisis management.

The next meeting is Sept. 26, in Union 237 at 5:00. For more information contact John Gagnon at 747-9484 or email JPG11480@cmsu2.cmsu.edu.