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Welcome to the 21st century. Right now you could be watching C-SPAN and seeing our government at work.
Or you could be researching the recent studies on the use of Ritalin in school children.
How about learning where Angola is?
Instead, you're here.
The Information Superhighway has made all sorts of information available. But most of us spend our online time looking at porn and watching music videos.
Talk Radio is the last, best hope for the United States. Thousands of people call in each night to rant and rave.
Oh how I love it so.
The links below are the best of the best of Talk Radio.


Radio Galinks
Art Bell Art Bell has the largest over-night radio show EVER. He talks about everything under the sun. Paranormal events, religion, politics. He is on KCMO every night from 12AM to 6AM. On Sundays he's on from 8PM to 12AM, then a previous show is repeated until 6AM.
Boortz Neil Boortz is one of the most offensive people on radio today. Even though he's a Libertarian, I love his show. He's honest about how he feels. Before you judge him a racist/mysogonist-find out who his co-hosts are.
KCMO 710AM in Kansas City
Clark Howard Clark Howard is a consumer advocate on KCMO from 10AM to 12PM. This is where you need to go to find out how to spend less, save more, invest wisely and avoid getting ripped off.
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