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This is the Official Website of the Rob Helmer Ego. Below you may find the secret of life, the truth of American culture, and a funny anecdote or two.
Update: April 4, 2002
My deepest sorrows to the frustrated many who have been sending angry emails to the email address, the fascist pigs of discontinued their affiliation with, and it was dumped.

Now updated after a long wait:
I will update the who I am section, but give a brief overview here.
My new email address is ; emailing me here is a better way to reach me than phone, snail mail or coming over to my apartment. An additional way to reach me is by using Yahoo Instant Messenger at username: kostyarh
I am currently living in Warrensburg, MO attending Central Missouri State University. My major, at the moment, is political science, with a minor in journalism (or reverse that, who knows).
Politically, I remain dedicated to humanist ethics, leftist politics, anarcho-syndicalist ideology (with an unhealthy attraction to Leninist Vangardism), the right to bear arms, the reform of the criminal justice system, the extension of the death penalty to include child molestation, political corruption, and anti-social economic crimes, and a solid belief in the inherent goodness of people.
Although the intro to this site has long sat unchanged, I have periodically updated different sections. Re-explore, you might find something exciting. I do confess that some element of disorder pervades the site, as a reflection of my life, so good luck finding what you are looking for.
I enjoy comments, questions, and requests for research help related to the materials on this site and will reply to email as quickly as possible.
Angry individuals are welcome to email me, randomly call people with my last name (I don't answer my phone, no skin off my nose) or use clues peppered through out the site to track me down. I enjoy answering the door with my Jehovah's Witness Repellant (machete).

Remember, By boot or by bullet, the American government must be returned to the people.
Rob Helmer

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