Fidel Castro is a SELL OUT
Fidel Castro is a SELL OUT

Fidel Castro is a coward and a sell out. The rumors spread that he would make an appearance at the WTO Conference in Seattle. But he didn't.
Early press releases claimed that he was concerned that if he entered the United States, Cuban ex-patriots would force the State Department to arrest him.
What an opportunity! A chance for a real international incident which would expose the absudity of the US's relations with Cuba.
Later, these reports were replaced with a statement that he didn't think that the US would grant him a visa.
Folks, the WTO was an international meeting sanctioned by the UN. The US wouldn't have the authority to deny Castro a visa.
And come on, does he really think that the US would arrest him? He's nuts. We're too busy trying to kill him.
He could have shown real leadership against the WTO. He blew this one big time.

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