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CNN News

††††††††† Itís mainstream, capitalist, and wrong. But itís free, easy and better than NPR




Neo Noah

††††††††† From the mouths of Realtors, the Kingdom Strikes Back.


Radio Links

†††††††† Now and forever, someone still loves you.



††††††††† My own radio page. Some of these links plus constantly updated info that relates to radio.

Clark Howard

††††††††† Clark Howard is a consumer advocate on KCMO 710AM from 10AM to noon weekdays.

Art Bell

††††††††† Art Bell talks about government conspiracy, alien abduction, cultism, libertarianism, and all the things I love. If I was a woman, Iíd be his groupie. Maybe I will be anyway.

††††††††† Art Bell is on KCMO 710 AM every night from midnight until 6AM. Also, on the weekends heís on Sunday starting at 8PM till 6AM Monday morning. Thereís a very good reason Iím not very pleasant early in the morning.

Neil Boortz

††††††††† Neil Boortz is the most offensive man on the radio(sometimes worse than me).And sometimes heís right. But before you decide heís a disgusting racist misogynist, listen to his show, hit his site, and meet his co hosts.


††††††††† KCMO 710 AM Official Homepage. Info, promos, and links to people I donít like Ė Dr. Laura. Bob BrinkerÖ.and others.


Music and Entertainment

In Studio

††††††††† I play the guitar. This is a page that lists the instruments and equiptment I own and what I do with them. Everything comes around to Queen, so I soon plan to post some of the Tab of my favorite Queen songs and maybe some that Iíve written. If I ever get a new computer I might even record them.




Gun Control, 2nd Amendment, Firearm Facts

††††††††† For my sociology class, I wrote a paper. Naturally I couldnít bear to stick to the tried and true PC topics. So I picked gun control. My idea: guns good, criminals bad.

††††††††† For the paper I focused on conceal and carry permits. The thesis is quite simple: While the bougeous class lives in the suburbs fortified by over-funded police departments, the lower class lives in crime infested ghettos where the gangs and criminals hold court. While ivory tower liberals may not be exposed directly to violent crime, the poor are. When I call the cops here in beautiful Shawnee, KS they show up. If I try the same call from downtown KCK, they may not even answer the phone.

††††††††† Thus, the people most affected directly by violent crime do not have access to fast police response. Oddly, high crime neighborhoods are often subject to the most restrictive gun ownership regulations(i.e. Washington DC, NY, NY).

††††††††† Also, firearms are the only way for women to fight against rape.

†††††††† The conclusion: firearms are the only viable way to fight crime in a scenario where police assistance is a pipe dream.

††††††††† An Argument for Conceal and Carry Permits


Fidel Castro and the WTO

††††††††† Fidel Castro had an opportunity to address the World Trade Organisationís meeting in Seattle. Instead, he delayed announcing his decision until the last minute at which point he said he was concerned that he would be arrested by American authorities. Hereís what I think.

††††††††† Castro Sold Out


Seattle and the WTO

††††††††† The Battle of Seattle and my opinion of what went on and what should have happened.

††††††††† The Battle of Seattle




Cuba, a Boy, and his Father

††††††††† This is the essay I wrote shortly after the boy landed here in the US. Itís the way I still feel even all these weeks, months, and years. The issue here isnít granting assylem to the kid, itís about how fatherhood isnít very important. Itís also about the hypocracy of our immigration policy.

††††††††† Family Values


Nuclear Power

††††††††††† Nuclear power doesnít burn fossil fuels, provide a lot of energy, doesnít cause acid rainÖsounds great but itís not. This essaye shows a couple of good reasons that nuclear power is just too dangerous.

††††††††† No Nukes


Gun Lawsuits

††††††††† This business of cities suing gun manufacturers for the costs of crimes committed with guns is nuts. Will they include the people shot by police?

††††††††† Gun Lawsuits


School Related Papers


††††††††† These are papers, articles, and assorted riff raff related in some way to classes that I have taken or are currently in. Some are high school and some are college.



The Library

This is a collection of essays, short stories, and other pieces Iíve written over the years. Some I wrote for class and some I wrote because I need a social life. The topics mostly focus on civil liberties, philosophy, and politics.

I do most of my computer work on an old 486 with a 350 meg. hard drive (my Tandy 286 has a 40 meg and I remember when that was impressive). Every few months I run out of disk space and spend a few hours going through the directories. I end up reading old papers from college and high school and reminding myself that I was a real smart-ass.

These are some of my favorites.


I wrote this for an English class. I discuss Social Contract theory, the development of mass morality, and crime. Then I apply the Social Contract to Alex, the protagonist of A Clockwork Orange.

This is another discussion of the Social Contract and crime. I deal with capital punishment from a Social Contract perspective.

I actually wrote this paper as a favor to a classmate back in my high school daze. It is about German philosopher Frederick Nietchee(sp) and the role his work played in the rise of Nazi Germany.

This is a short essay about one of Socratesí paradigms: "Are acts pious because the gods love them or do the gods love these acts because they are pious?"

I also argue that philosophy developed in a polytheistic society is difficult or impossible to correctly apply to philosophy in a monotheistic society.

Civil Liberties

This essays focuses on the relationship between technology and individual freedom. I argue that the evolution of monitoring and tracking technology inevitably attacks the rights of individuals. While technology can be a constructive tool for crime fighting, the US government has a very clear track record of trampling the rights of innocent citizens.

Again from the viewpoint of the Social Contract, I try to define the nature of law in a democratic society and the consequences of hi-tech crime fighting.


This piece addresses the public misconceptions about terrorism in the United States and the American tendency to destroy personal freedom while on a witch hunt: communists, witches, civil rights activists...



This a He said, She said look at the double standards concerning politically correct speech.

Again the issue is double standards; this time the focus is on societyís effort to condemn athletes and musicians as poor role models while engaging in war, theft, deceit, and other unethical behaviors.

SDAF.doc (work in progress)

The Founding Fathers believed that violence was sometimes a viable solution to problems like repression and tyranny. Why are so many people duping themselves into believing that the US government could never become oppressive.

Misc: History, Fiction

Lincoln is almost a god in American history texts. His face sells cars, eye glasses, and life insurance. Heís on the penny and the five dollar bill. He is given credit for ending slavery, saving the Union and inventing space travel.

But why did John Wilkes Booth shoot him? He arrested members of Congress, shut down newspapers and refused to believe that free people should govern themselves.

Leon Uris is one of Americaís greatest writers. His two main subject matters are Ireland and the Jews. Exodus is the story of desperate Jewish refugees trying to reach Israel(when it was still British controlled and called Palestine). After being liberated from German concentration camps, they are placed in Ďdetentioní camps by the US and Great Britain. Very few people are aware that many Jewish refugees were placed in camps only marginally better than the German camps.

This book tells of six hundred Jews breaking out of a British camp on Cyprus and making their way to Palestine.

I wrote this for an English class; itís a comparison between the book and the movie which was based on it. This is clearly one of the top fifty books in American literature.


This is a simply essay written in a writing class about Carl Sagan.

This is a story I wrote for a creative writing class then revamped on my own. I have two versions here.


This is a short story about medical ethics. Itís an application of Frankenstein to a modern dilemma. Itís a left over from a Literature class.



††††††† This is an article I wrote for an Intro to Newswriting class. Itís about resistance to the use of the Anthrax vaccine in the U.S. military.

††††††† Anthrax