He Said/She Said

"Then they go into some sort of wierd church. Yeah! You know the guy! The ones with those silly little hats. Yablakas? Yakuzzas? Marmadukes?"

-White Male on Jews

Clearly this gentlman is religiously intolerent and a racist if not a full blown NAZI.

"And theyre always praying. Yeah! You know who Im talking about. They make their women cover their faces. What a stupid, ignorent, backward religion."

-White Female on Muslims

Im certainly glad to see such a progressive, tollerent, and understanding person.

He Said/She Said

"Personally I blame these riots on the blacks."

-White Person on the L.A. Riots

What an ignorent racist fool!

"The white folks caused these riots."

-Black Person on L.A. Riots

A concerned citizen in favor of racial justice, liberation and harmony.(AKA Jessie Jackson)