Tired of liars, cheats, and frauds asking for your vote? Turn to the candidate on top.

The only presidential candidate with a million year track record on the issues that matter to you.


Health Care

God is the only candidate offering a universal, comprehensive healthcare based on miracles and faith healing.

Social Security

God has the only guaranteed  ‘eternal’ retirement plan that will cost U.S. taxpayers absolutely nothing but their souls.

Flat Tax

Forbes is a Johnny-come-lately to the flat tax arena. God created the very first flat tax. Under a God presidency, all Americans would pay a simple flat tithe.


God has kept a ‘no new flood’ promise for six thousand years, Bush’s dad couldn’t keep a promise for six months.

Family Values

No gay marriage.



(barrel spending)


Trust us. You don’t want Gore, Bradley, Bush, or McCain for president. If you knew what we here in the God camp know…we got the dirt. What do you think confession is for?


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