Free Online Resources
Free Online Resources

The best thing about the Online world is the free stuff. When I started, the online world consisted of BBS where you dialed a local or long distance number from your home and, using a 2400 baud modem, navigated through ANSI graphics. Most of these systems where in someones home, on a PC and free,
There were pay services-like the first big porn site busted by the Feds- Rusty and Eddies'. But most were free.
Then came GEnie, AOL, Prodigy. BS sevices that charged .30 for an email.
Now you can get internet service for free. You can have a webpage for free. You can have free email.
Plus you can read great classics of literature, for free, at places like Project Gutenburg.
These are my favorite free sites and services.

Tripod Home Tripod is ten times better than any other free web hosting service. It offers easy insta-pages for virgins and a free form editor for experienced users. Plus the little ad thing can be shrunk.
Free Email from CNN This is free email from CNN. It's reliable and the customer support is very good. If you drag the 'Free Email' icon onto your desktop, you can skip directly into the logon screen.
Rob's Webpage An amazing site. This great guy maintains a constantly changing page dedicated to political radicallism, anti-PC thought patterns, and artistic misspelling.
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