Innocent until what?
Bail, Bonds, and Ransom

A criminal defendant is innocent until proved guilty right? That's all good and well if you're a multi-millionair with a staff of attourneys. If not, you may be screwed.
The legal system could be pretty simple. A crime is committed; the police investigate. The police collect evidence and find a 'suspect'. The suspect is arrested and charged with a crime. The suspect is innocent until proven guilty; the case goes to court. If the suspect is convicted he goes to jail; if not, he goes free.
Simple right?
The reality isn't quite that clear cut. The crime is committed, the police investigate and find a suspect. The police then 'leak' information that should be confidential, and may be completely false(remember Richard Jewel?). The media convicts the defendant. The suspect is arrested, placed in jail, isolated from his family, and held for ransom(aka bail).
It then becomes the suspects responsibility to raise the bail set by a judge. If the defendant can't get the cash, he may use his house, car, or property as collateral. Now not only the individual's freedom is on the line, his(and his family's)finacial future rests on the case.
Some defendants aren't even offered bail. They rot in a jail cell before they are convicted of a crime.
Add the legal costs. Perhaps the defendant is rich, or, if the defendant is of a certain ethnic or religious group, external groups may help pay for legal fees and services.
Again remember Richard Jewel. Even after successful lawsuits, there are people who believe him to be behind the Olympic bombing. Future ability to work and make money can be destroyed by the media coverage.
Wen Ho Lee is sitting in a prison today. He has not been convicted of any crime. For months after the Cox Report became public, 'leaks' and 'unnamed sources' painted him as a criminal mastermind behind the theft of American millitary secrets. Long before formal charges were filed, he had been convicted on talk shows, in news papers, and the six o'clock news.
He is sitting in a jail, no conviction, and allowed only one visit from his family a week. According to his daughter, this is the first Christmas he has missed with his family. This 'innocent' man is being treated like a criminal. Not only does he face an uphill battle against the limitless resources of the Justice Department, he hasn't even been allowed bail.
This is a grade-A, US Prime crock. It doesn't matter if he is guilty. He hasn't been convicted of a crime yet is in PRISON.
An innocent person should not be compelled to surrender his rights simply because he has been accused of a criminal act. It's true that some people may try to leave the country when charged with such serious crimes.

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